fredag, november 03, 2006

"Sveva", here kittykitty....

Update on the cats.... (sorry,I am bored..)

Speedy: alive and kicking (although his name is decieving.He`s anything but speedy- he`s actually neutered, very slow, fat /"big boned" and not even using his size to fight off other male cats who comes in to the barn and it all the cat food.....)

Berta: also alive and kicking (but knocked up ...again...(whore,gough,slut..)....

Sveva :The kitten on the left. Also alive and kicking- already showing the same tendencies as her mother,Berta.......(= will be pregnant soon :) )

Cats who are supposed to be dead but for various reasons are not:
Frode 1: very much alive and kicking, mid. puberty - has his eyes (very good eyes ...) on his sister(...). He got his death sentence yesterday and was supposed to be put to sleep today......well... as already said he is very much still alive. The vet who came to check on some cows was supposed to put him to sleep but when she saw him her heart melted and she decided that she was going to take him home.... Yessss....a life spaired:) Frode 1 is now going to become a member of the Høyheimsviki community:)

Frode 2: Alive... shit ... I really don`t want him to be put to sleep, but we can`t have all these cats roaming around, basically breeding all the time,everywhere....The vet was supposed to take care of him too today, but when I tried to catch him he escaped..... have to remember to call Frode (the human, not the cat..) tomorrow to see if he can come and "take care" of the cat.... sob.sob....

that concludes this week`s "Cat news"....


Pictures I took before the
snow came:) Pretty nice if I
may say so myself:)