tirsdag, august 29, 2006

The kittens have been found!!

In the barn where we milk the cows we have 3 cats. 1 female and 2 male cats. About 2 months ago I suddenly realized that the female was getting a little bit chubby around the middle, and it wasn`t all fat... She had gotten herself knocked up... the litte tramp!... But I am a sucker for cute kittens so it wasn`t actually such a big deal for me, you know.... But the problems started when she suddenly got slim again and we couldn`t find the kittens anywhere. And we had to find them...... in order to kill most of them....Kittens are really cute when they are little, but when they grow up they breed like rabbits .So in order to prevent 250 cats running around Gjerde within a year, we had to find them. My little sister and I looked everywhere and in the end we just thought they were dead (eaten by a fox or something..). But as I was going to the barn yesterday morning I suddenly saw 4 tiny, cuddely wuddely, cute, fluffy, beautiful kittens running around in the barn.... They are soooo cute! There are 1 female and 3 male kittens so the female is safe but the males are basically doomed. According to my mom the females are the best hunters... or vicious killers, if you like... just like human females:)

Frode has been here and killed two of the male kittens. I couldn`t find the last one at the time he was here. The last kitten actually escaped death by minutes (found him just as Frode left...). So now I wonder how long my sister and I can keep it a secret that he didn`t kill all 3 male kittens.... Maybe my mom won`t notice? I mean, there are allready 4 cats there, why not 5???

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